Free Play Zone for International Families @Azamino

Free Play Zone for International Families @Azamino」

Let’s play freely and creatively using clay, paper, and paint!

【What is Free Play Zone?】
We invite parents and children to play freely and creatively with clay, paper, and paint! There will be no guidance by instructors or staff, but there will be staff to support your activities when needed. We ask you to help with the clean-up after the event.

The Free Play Zone is a program designed to encourage children to be creative through arts and crafts, and to motivate them to “do things themselves” while having fun. While the program is held throughout the year, the session on Tuesday, February 14, 2023 will be open specifically to parents and children of foreign nationality or native speakers of foreign languages.

【Date】Tuesday, February 14, 2023
【Time】10:00~11:30(includes clean-up time)

【Who can Participate?】 Elementary school-aged children and under, who are foreign nationals or native speakers of a foreign language, and their parents or guardians.
【Capacity】 18 groups (max. of 5 people/group) *This is the number of children and parents combined. No child or adult may participate alone.
【Participation Fee】100 yen/person
*All visitors to enter the atelier will be charged regardless of whether they participate in the program or not.
【How to Sign Up】Atelier on the 3rd floor
【申込方法】 Please click the butten below to fill out the form.

・Please read "Notes for Adult Participants" before applying.
・If there are too many applications, a lottery will be held.
・A group may only register once. If there are duplicate sign ups, only the most recent one will be accepted.
【Application Period】 January 20, 2023~January 30, 2023
【Organizer】 Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino
Yokohama Enmusubi Koju ~the committee for making connections with local culture~

Free Play Zone for International Families @Azamino